History of the Monastery

Chrystalla Petropoulou (1917-2010) of Mattituck, NY had the dream of becoming a nun from the time she was a young woman in Cyprus. She was not able to realize her dream as a young woman due to the many tragedies that occurred in her family and due to the political instability of her homeland of Cyprus. She immigrated with her family to London and then to New York in the 1950s, eventually settling her family in Mattituck, NY. She never abandoned her dream of becoming a nun. In 1997, shemet the Rev. Fr. Vaselios Govits and his Presvytera Christine. She told them of her dream and they agreed to help her realize her ambitions. Ms. Petropoulou, with the help of her sisters: Mrs. Anna Orros and Mrs. Eleni Dimitriou (d. 2001), contributed the funds to purchase the property and for the construction of the monastery in Calverton.

Shortly after this, Ms. Petropoulou suffered a mild stroke which left her wheelchair-bound and once again, unable to fulfill her dream.

Fr. Vaselios and Presvytera Christine realized the importance of a monastic community in Long Island and diligently worked to see its completion, despite the absence of monastics. In 2007, the construction of the Chapel of Ss. Constantine and Helen and the Residence were completed and Divine Services began to be celebrated regularly by Fr. Govits with the blessing of the Archdiocese.

In 2008, Fr. Govits approached the Archdiocese for assistance in finding monastics to populate the monastery. In 2009, two young women moved into the monastery to begin the monastic life there. Additionally, Ms. Petropoulou moved to the monastery in 2009 with the new monastics to finally realize her lifelong dream. She was tonsured into the Great Angelic Schema on April 17, 2010 and peacefully fell asleep in the Lord October 11 of the same year after receiving Holy Communion and the sacrament of Confession.

Schedule of Services

The Sisters of All Saints Monastery read the typicon of monastic services throughout the day.  We are open for visits during the week by appointment, and most Saturdays 10 am -3 pm.  Please call us at 631/439-5603 to schedule a visit or to come volunteer.  Orthros and Divine Liturgy are held on Sundays and feast days, Orthros 8:15am and Liturgy at 9:30am.  A small luncheon follows the services in our fellowship hall.  

Please refer to the Divine Services and Events calendar for specific dates of services or call us.

We have very limited overnight accommodations.  If you are interested in an overnight stay, please call us.